Saturday, September 18, 2010

Utah Shakespearean Festival

This August I participated in the Art Festival at the Utah Shakespearean Festival. As a first-timer in the business of art fairs, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But after reading about a lot of other peoples' experiences at similar shows, I prepared best I could. Preparing for the show was a lot of fun - deciding on a tent layout and theme, arranging my paintings, cards, ornaments, etc. My husband CJ gets a "Best Husband of All Time" award for coming to help set up, manage money, and, best of all, stick around to help out and act as a comic relief. I met a lot of really cool, nice people who were a lot of fun to chat with. We were having a pretty good time until about 2:00 when the wind really started to pick up and get violent. We decided that it was best for the artwork and our sanity to pack it all up at that time. Overall, we had a great time and I would love to participate in more of these fairs in the future.

Working on my hot air balloon painting at the fair

Detail of the folding screen that CJ and I rigged
into a painting display

Detail of display and tables

Detail of table display

Contemplating my painting. And life.


  1. Such a beautiful display of art! I love the last picture and its description! :)

  2. Your presentation was great, as was your framing choices. Hope to see you around some more fairs in the area.