Monday, June 3, 2013

Research Trip - Jordan 2013

This field season I participated in the Ed-Deir Monument and Plateau Project with Brigham Young University in Petra, Jordan.  On this research expedition we were fortunate to be able to use some very sophisticated equipment to survey and map the Ed-Deir Plateau.  It was quite an exciting project during which we did the following:  
  • Mapped in features and structures on the Ed-Deir Plateau using a 2-4 cm accurate Trimble GPS unit
  • Mapped in the courtyard and the exterior of the Ed-Deir Monument and the "Great Circle" using a robotic Sokkia total station
  • Carried out a 3-D laser scan of the Ed-Deir monument facade and interior
  • Obtained some hi-resolution areal photographs of the Ed-Deir Plateau using a Gatewing x100
Below are some of the pictures from this year's research trip.  

The Siq


My friend Zeinab and I in front of a rock-cut structure

View from the back trail into the Ed-Deir plateau



In front of the Ed-Deir Monument

On the urn of the Ed-Deir Monument

Hugging the urn of the Ed-Deir monument

On the platform and steps of a niche complex

In front of a niche with figures and camels carved in bas relief

Some crew members of the Ed-Deir Monument and Plateau Project

Before the project began we took a trip out to Jerash, in northern Jordan.  It RAINED!  We got soaked, and running through the wet ruins made it quite a memorable experience.

The Arch of Hadrian

Overview of Jerash

The Oval Forum
Ruins in the Rain

Corinthian Columns

My friend Allison and I trying to stay dry
While out in Petra we took a weekend hiking/camping trip to Wadi Dana.  It was beautiful!

Wadi Dana

In front of Wadi Dana

Oleander and Palms in Wadi Dana

Hiking Through Wadi Dana

Wadi Feynan

Baking Bread with Zeinab and Najdah in Wadi Feynan

In a Roman Copper Mine, Wadi Feynan

Another weekend we took a drive out to Shobak Castle, a Crusader castle in southern Jordan.

In front of Shobak Castle

Shobak Castle

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