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Jack O'Lanterns

Last weekend CJ and I went on a drive around town looking for a local pumpkin patch. When we couldn't find one, we reluctantly went to where we could find some last minute pumpkins...

CJ's pumpkin is the really cute one with the horns. My pumpkin is the evil looking one.

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My husband recently got a job as the Director of Facilitation at Tree to Tree Adventure Park, a ropes course in Gaston, Oregon. CJ (my husband) moved us up to Oregon while I was in the Middle East. I came up last week after all of my adventures, and so now we are both living in Forest Grove, Oregon. It's great to be back with him! CJ took a few days off of work so that he and I could travel around western Oregon a bit so that I could get a feel for the area. We started off by camping at Ainsworth State Park near Multnomah Falls. This area is located roughly 45 minutes outside of Portland, and it is beautiful! We hiked around a bit to a few of the many falls located there. Here are some photos.

CJ and me at Wahkeena Falls

Beautiful creek on the way to Fairy Falls

Cute mushroom growing on a tree

On the trail going up to Fairy Falls

Fairy Falls

On the trail to Multnomah Falls

CJ and me at Multnomah Falls

View of the Columbia River

We also took a day and drove out to the coast to Cannon Beach. We visited many of the art galleries there and took a stroll up the beach. The wind was blowing and it was freezing! We had a great day there though.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

CJ and me with Haystack Rock in the background

CJ and Me

Friday, August 12, 2011

Passage to Paradise

I entered this painting in the Alpine Artists' Holiday in Ouray, Colorado this year and it won an honorable mention in the mixed media category.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Research Trip

Another component of this year’s excavation in Syria involved research trips to Jordan, Italy, and Great Britain to look at Roman theaters and Roman Legionary sites throughout the Roman world that are contemporary with the site that we are excavating in Afamia, Syria. The political situation in Syria this year made it too dangerous for us to excavate in Afamia this year, which is why a research trip to these other contemporary Roman sites was planned.
Jordan 2011
Roman theater in Amman
On the stage at the theater in Amman
Enjoying a "show" in true Roman fashion showing off my bling
Niche! (in Jerash)
Theater in Jerash

Hiking into Wadi Sabra
Nabataean theater in Wadi Sabra
At the theater in Wadi Sabra
Nabataean theater in Petra

Petra just got a little better.
Italy 2011
Ostia Antica
Ostia Antica
Near the crypts in Ostia Antica
Hadrian's Grotto in Sperlonga
Theater in Taormina
Fountain in the ancient city of Syracuse
Taormina view
On the ferry out to Sicily
On the streets of Speletto
Egyptian Museum in Turin
Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli
Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli
Countryside near Volterra
Little door in Volterra
Great Britain 2011

The British Museum!

On the top of a double-decker with my goods

Piccadilly Square







Hadrian's Wall

On Hadrian's Wall


Near Hadrian's Wall