Friday, December 13, 2013

2014 Tomie DePaola Contest Entry

Here's my entry for the 2014 Tomie DePaola Contest:

This was the prompt:

Over the past few years, the picture book seems to be geared more towards the very young crowd. With this in mind, here is this year's task:
Illustrate a poem (see below) in full color for a book of poems that will be "pitched" to parents to read to their babies, toddlers, etc.
A sneeze
Is a breeze
8" x 8", full color, full bleed or border, any medium except photography.
·       Keep in mind that we are a country of diverse ethnicity.
·       The target age is two months to two years.
·       Gender is up to the illustrator.
·       Addition of type is not necessary, but be sure to leave space so the poem will appear on the same page as the illustration.
Once again (and I really mean this) PLEASE surprise me.
Good work, best of luck, and have an inspiring time. It is all about the work. 

Wish me luck!

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